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Private Coaching

For students who are ready to take their theatre practice to the next level, we are excited to offer private coaching. Private training is uniquely tailored to each individual child, and in a one-on-one setting, we are able to work with a student at their own pace on repertoire that excites them. Below are descriptions of the different types of lessons we offer.

Classes & Productions

Click the link below for information about upcoming classes and productions! 



With both classical and commercial training, the Shockley’s instruction seamlessly blends technique, performance, and story-telling to create a well-rounded vocalist. Through vocal training, students will learn to increase vocal range, build vocal strength, master multiple musical and vocal styles, and eventually achieve technical and artistic mastery. Ginny specializes in musical theatre, beginners, young voices (ages 5-10), and older singers (ages 10-18) wanting to build and refine their skills. Zach specializes in commercial voice (pop, country, & jazz), young male voices, musical theatre, and intermediate/advanced singers of all ages. Between the two of them, they teach all levels and styles and will tailor each lesson to meet your needs.

60 Minute Lesson - $60
30 Minute Lesson - $30


Acting Coaching

Whether it is prepping for a show or developing your actor toolbox, private acting lessons will help you to gain confidence in performance and improve technique. You will learn exercises and insights that will equip you with the tools to succeed in any performance.  You will work on journaling, monologues, scene work, character development, acting terms, and so much more! Not only is it fun, acting improves public speaking, confidence, concentration, imagination, and empathy. Ginny teaches all levels and styles.

​60 Minute Lesson - $60
30 Minute Lesson - $30

Audition Coaching

​Have an audition coming up? Let us help you get prepped! We will help with monologue & song selection/preparation, audition taping, and vocal/acting coaching.  Be the person who actually enjoys their audition and get prepared! We specialize in college auditions, musical theatre auditions, film/commercial auditions, and self-tapes. 

​60 Minute Lesson - $60

30 Minute Lesson - $30

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Audition Books

Preparing for college or professional musical theatre auditions? Get your book audition-ready with these services! 

$50 | Audition Book Curation

  • Includes 12 Song Styles and 24 Song Suggestions Curated Uniquely for You

+ $40 | Physical Copy of Audition Book

  • Includes Binder, Cover Page, Table of Contents, Dividers, & Non-Glare Page Protectors

  • You are welcome to provide your own sheet music or see below to include it in your package.


+ $40 | 10 Professionally Printed Headshots & Resumes

+ $30 | Resume Design

+ $5 per Sheet Music

  • Includes a 16-Bar and 32-Bar Cut Labeled for Accompanist


$150  |  Full package

*Does not include sheet music


This online curriculum is designed for young artists of all ages! Created specifically to do at home, students will explore various elements of theatre through instructional videos, games, crafts, and exercises. The videos are designed to watch together as a family and are appropriate for all age groups, while the activities are tailored for each specific age group and experience level. Whether they are used as a supplement for homeschool curriculum, virtual summer camps, or intensive training for your young actor, these courses will develop students' knowledge of theatre history, theatre genres, famous names, performance techniques, and an appreciation for all things theatre! 

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